videojet VJ1000 series service passwords 2024 June

Title Title  Videojet inkjet printer repaire password  June ,2024Videojet 1000 Series Password June ,2024June    Password1-Jun-24    0113092-Jun-24    2258193-Jun-24    8499104-Jun-24    1430365-Jun-24    3511476-Jun-24    0011177-Jun-24    4200508-Jun-24    9301119-Jun-24    13423610-Jun-24    30344611-Jun-24    31131912-Jun-24    52582913-Jun-24    14993014-Jun-24    44304615-Jun-24    65115716-Jun-24    30112717-Jun-24    72006018-Jun-24    23013119-Jun-24    43424620-Jun-24    60345621-Jun-24    61132922-Jun-24    82583923-Jun-24    44994024-Jun-24    74305625-Jun-24    95116726-Jun-24    60113727-Jun-24    02008028-Jun-24    53014129-Jun-24    73425630-Jun-24    903466

Markem-Imaje solvent A188 usVolumeCourant7500

This is 9028 printer  Additive still has but printer alarm empty .This is chip lot 6/26 but show 7500MM.When install A188 slolvent,the printer said it's just 7500MM ,not 8000MM.Customer may thinking why just 7500MM. A188 solvent ,the bottle has the label tell us it's 8000MM,where is the short 500MM? Did the supplier short fill 500MM to the bottle?Dont worry. The data 7500MM ,is correct.The chip liquid level is 7500-8000, which is a random display and actually has redundancy. With this chip, the machine can actually tank 10000MM. This is the chip lot 3/26 but show 800ML .If the solvent pump woorking function is no good,will also affect the  solvent data .How this thing happpen  ?Below ,it's 4 ways:NO.1 :The outlet of the 9028 9029 9450 additive pump has a filter. When performing maintenance, it is necessary to replace the filter or clean it with ultrasonic waves before reinstalling it. If the filter is not replaced, it will affect the power of the pump. The substitute additive will have more impurities than the original one, which are pigments. NO.2: The substitute solvent has a larger particle size and will block the filter in front of the pump, so it is better to use colorless additives Their colors are just to distinguish models and look good. Additive pumps are more damaged than ink pumps A bottle of ink can be used for a long time, but the ink pump works less frequently. NO.3:The sealing of the solvent bottle mouth is not tight enough, and if it is often removed and installed, it will affect the data. If the air and additives are pumped together, it will affect the data. NO.4:If the bottle is too hard and the pump efficiency is low, it will be even more difficult to pump the solvent into the machine

How to adjust the round bottle body label in straight such as the beer bottle,can,plastics bottle

If the label come out like above picture, having a slope, not a straight line, you can adjust the big black screw which is under the label.This screw can let the whole label head in a flat and straight line,and more close to the big rubber wheel. Due to customer’s label is bigger ,so the blade need to close to the bottle ,but cannot touch the bottle ,give 2MM distance to them ,if the distance is far ,the label come out on the bottle will not smoth /wrinkle like the problem you facing now There are other way will make the label come out wrinkle, that’s the blade is not Parallel to the blue wheel, if one end is wide and one end is narrow,as below picture ,pls make sure the big blue rubber wheel distance with the blade is about 1MM,so the label on the bottle come out very well. Pls make sure the big blue rubber wheel distance with the blade is about 1MM,so the label on the bottle come out very well.The blade to the bottle is about 1MM ,,the balde to the bottle is about 2MM ,give 1MM distance to the label. There are two screws after the blade, they can made the blade close to the bottles. This is the smaple label machine adjustment from our technician .You can reference.

Linx inkjet printer RFID Chips

Linx inkjet printers Inventory,we are a big company LX-FA11102 Service filter kit,,new original, Linx inkjet printer compatible solvent with RFID Chips,for blue quantity,we can help you put on your logol Linx 1010 new original ink, 500ml per bottle

videojet VJ1000 series service passwords 2022 November

Title Title  Videojet inkjet printer repaire password  November ,2022Videojet 1000 Series Password November1-Nov-22    515488 2-Nov-22    729998 3-Nov-22    443100 4-Nov-22    647215 5-Nov-22    855326 6-Nov-22    505296 7-Nov-22    914239 8-Nov-22    434300 9-Nov-22     638415 10-Nov-22     807625 11-Nov-22    815498 12-Nov-22    02901913-Nov-22    743110 14-Nov-22    947225 15-Nov-22    155346 16-Nov-22     805306 17-Nov-22    214259 18-Nov-22    734310 19-Nov-22    938425 20-Nov-22    107645 21-Nov-22    115518 22-Nov-22    329029 23-Nov-22    04313024-Nov-22    247245 25-Nov-22    455356 26-Nov-22    105326 27-Nov-22    514269 28-Nov-22    03433029-Nov-22    238445 30-Nov-22    407655

videojet VJ1000 series service passwords 2022 October

Title Title  Videojet inkjet printer repaire password October ,2022Videojet 1000 Series Password OctoberOctober      Password1-Oct-22     913378 2-Oct-22     127898 3-Oct-22     831999 4-Oct-22     0451155-Oct-22     253226 6-Oct-22     903186 7-Oct-22     312139 8-Oct-22     832190 9-Oct-22     03631510-Oct-22     205525 11-Oct-22     213398 12-Oct-22     427908 13-Oct-22     141010 14-Oct-22     345125 15-Oct-22     553236 16-Oct-22     203206 17-Oct-22     612149 18-Oct-22     132210 19-Oct-22     336325 20-Oct-22     505535 21-Oct-22     513408 22-Oct-22     727918 23-Oct-22     441020 24-Oct-22     645135 25-Oct-22     853246 26-Oct-22     503216 27-Oct-22     912159 28-Oct-22     432220 29-Oct-22     636335 30-Oct-22     805545 31-Oct-22     813418

How to change the Imaje 9410 9450 LCD Screen

Title When you chang the Imaje printer LCD screen ,you need to tear the purpel keyboard very carefully.Concentrate on Imaje keyboard and LCD screen ,otherwise the LCD glass will broken like the NO.1 picture.If the Imaje printer LCD screen is broken ,you need to change a new one glass.If you buy the Imaje LCD screen from us,we will supply you a new purple keyboard. Because the keyboard has many creases after it is removed, which is a little ugly. As long as you don't dislike it, you can add some glue to stick it. In fact, it has a lot of wrinkles and creases, so it's ugly. The glue on the glue has also been used. We can directly change it into a new one.

videojet VJ1000 series service passwords 2022 August

Title Title  Videojet inkjet printer repaire password August ,2022Videojet 1000 Series Password August1-Aug-22    0142092-Aug-22    228719 3-Aug-22    942810 4-Aug-22    146935 5-Aug-22    354047 6-Aug-22    0040177-Aug-22    413959 8-Aug-22    933011 9-Aug-22    137136 10-Aug-22    306346 11-Aug-22    314219 12-Aug-22    528729 13-Aug-22    242830 14-Aug-22    446945 15-Aug-22    654057 16-Aug-22    304027 17-Aug-22    713969 18-Aug-22    233031 19-Aug-22    437146 20-Aug-22    606356 21-Aug-22    614229 22-Aug-22    828739 23-Aug-22    542840 24-Aug-22    746955 25-Aug-22    954067 26-Aug-22    604037 27-Aug-22    01398928-Aug-22    533041 29-Aug-22    737156 30-Aug-22    906366 31-Aug-22    914239

How to install Videojet 1000 series printer keyboard

Title  How to install Videojet 1000 series  inkjet printer keyboard ?Below pictures are for the Videojet 1210 1220 1330 1510 1520 1610 1620 keyboards.This Videojet 1000 series keyboard quality is new original from Videojet. Not OEM quality. After you arrange payment to Hongxin Machinery,you will get two pcs keyboard as picture one , one is the blue membran the second is the push-button.The push-button is with 3M glue. You need to tear it off and stick the blue key on it carefully.So the two pcs will be into one pcs .And then ,you need to install on the printer .The two sides connectors will be set inside the black plastics cover,to the keyboard card  who is near the LCD screen board,and the keyboard card  guide to the printer main board .

videojet VJ1000 series service passwords 2022 June

Title Title  Pass word for Videojet inkjet printer June ,2022 1-Jun-22    319968 2-Jun-22    623479 3-Jun-22    247580 4-Jun-22    541695 5-Jun-22    659806 6-Jun-22    309776 7-Jun-22    718719 8-Jun-22    238780 9-Jun-22    532895 10-Jun-22    701106 11-Jun-22    619978 12-Jun-22    923489 13-Jun-22    547590 14-Jun-22    841705 15-Jun-22    959816 16-Jun-22    609786 17-Jun-22    01873918-Jun-22    538790 19-Jun-22    832905 20-Jun-22    00112621-Jun-22    919988 22-Jun-22    223509 23-Jun-22    847600 24-Jun-22    141725 25-Jun-22    259836 26-Jun-22    909796 27-Jun-22    318749 28-Jun-22    838800 29-Jun-22    132925 30-Jun-22    301136

videojet VJ1000 series service passwords 2022 July

Title Title  Pass word for Videojet inkjet printer July ,2022 1-Jul-22   310149 2-Jul-22   524659 3-Jul-22   148760 4-Jul-22   442875 5-Jul-22   650986 6-Jul-22   300956 7-Jul-22   619899 8-Jul-22   139960 9-Jul-22   433076 10-Jul-22   602286 11-Jul-22   610159 12-Jul-22   824669 13-Jul-22   448770 14-Jul-22   742885 15-Jul-22   950996 16-Jul-22   600966 17-Jul-22   919909 18-Jul-22   439970 19-Jul-22   733086 20-Jul-22   902296 21-Jul-22   910169 22-Jul-22   124689 23-Jul-22   748780 24-Jul-22   04290525-Jul-22   250017 26-Jul-22   900976 27-Jul-22   219929 28-Jul-22   739980 29-Jul-22   03310630-Jul-22   202316 31-Jul-22   210189

How to light up the printer LCD screen

Light up the printer scress by  button ALT + UP 👆 /Down 👇No matter you buy a new original Markem Imaje  printer LCD screen or the second hand,original . At the time you install on the Markem Imaje printer .You may find it is color blank/grey.Don't worry.It's no broken.What you need to do now is pressure two buttons  one button is ALT ,the other is UP or DOWN  as below picture .At this time the Markem Imaje printer LCD screen is light up again .

How to install Videojet photocell sensor encoder

Hongxin Machinery Co.,LTD help you install the Videojet  photocell sensor encoder .First: Take the  connector from the Videojet printer .Secondly: Take apart the connector videojet printerThirdly: link the colored  line  to the pin A: Brown wire connect to NO.1 ,the first number (power supplier)B: Black wire to NO.2 ,the second number (signal line)C:Blue wire to NO.4,,the fourth number (to ground)D:Cut off the remaining wires and insutate them

How to install Imaje printer Cracked board

Hongxin Machinery Co,Ltd help you install cracked board for Imaje 9410 9450 printer .1: Pls check the printersofeware  version ,and the cracked boardversionA: if the printer versionhigher than 7.3, cannot use this cracked board ,B: pls also show me thepicture of the cracked board you have , if the board backside has EXP time,this is old version board ,just can use on the printer version less than 7.0 ,this cracked board cannot be use on the printer version from 7.0 to  7.3,C: if the board backsidedon't have EXP time, this is new version board, can use on the printer versionfrom 7.0 to 7.3D:Below is the picturefor printer version 8.1 C, this is for your reference ,you can check from : service- data-printerE:one more question,inChina ,Imae update their printer password,all of the printer version higherthan 7.3,cannot use the cracked board and OEM chips, I am not sure if yourcountry has the same problem,before we can update the printer sofeware easily,now cannot, after update cannot use the cracked board and OEM chips 2: For the printer, sofewareis 7.3 version install as below :Near the main board  3: for the printerversion less than 7.3 version install as below : Near the RF Board side