KGK nozzle
KGK nozzle
KGK nozzle



KGK inkjet printer, CCS-R can be wet and cold to work under harsh environment, widely used in the paper, metal, plastic

KGK the Jet CCS-R can print on varieties of substrates of different shapes thanks to use of the compactly designed print head.

KGK CCS - R CCS 3000 HQC HQ 1000 HQM HQ 256 HQ 500 PK 300

CCS-R can be wet and cold to work under harsh environment, widely used in the paper, metal, plastic, glass, wood and other materials packaging printing surface of the validity of the production batch number, and graphics and other information. 
 1. In the cold, damp environment stable Coding 
 KGK CCS-R meet IP54 waterproof structure design, the internal temperature with wind pump and the nozzle device, to effectively improve the machine the ability to work under harsh environment. 
 2. Patented automatic nozzle seal technology, long-term use without maintenance, production and more stable. 
 3. The machine for a long time No, do not plug the nozzle 
 KGK CCS-R device timer switch features automatic cycle allows ink, so even when the long vacation without worrying about the nozzle caused by the blockage due to ink curing. In addition, any time you can set the Automatic Switcher. 
 4. Easy to operate, simple 
 KGK CCS-R full keyboard and WYSIWYG (WYSIWYG) design, printing can be obtained not only the content and operation easier. 
 5. For printing on the surface in most of the material in Chinese, English, numbers, bar codes and logos and other information. 
 6.1L ink jet printing of about 200 million characters 
 7. Can be hardware and software customization. 
 8. Established a nationwide sales and technical service support system. 
 KGK CCS-R printing material include: paper, metal, plastic, glass and wood can be used in beverage, food, medicine, building materials, chemical, wire and cable, paper and packaging products such as tobacco and alcohol.