Hitachi inkjet nozzle
Hitachi inkjet  nozzle
Hitachi inkjet  nozzle
Hitachi inkjet nozzle



Hongxin Machinery Co.,LTD are experts in the field of ink jet printers, supplying OEM printer parts, ink jet printer accessories, and inks. We can supply you  high quality ,stable,good printing EXP for small character inkjet printer,industrial inkjet printer,cij inkjet printer, such as Domino,Imaje,Videojet,Willett,Linx,KGK,Hitachi, Critronix,Metronic,leibinger ect

Hitachi PX/PB/PXR ink nozzle

Hitachi inkjet nozzle

Hitachi ink nozzle

Hitachi icij nozzle

Hitachi printer nozzle

Hitachi Nozzle 65 Micron 451670

Hitachi ink jet nozzle 65 u

Hitachi inkjet printer pump drive motor

Hitachi PX PB printer ink pump

Hitachi inkjet pump membrane

Hitachi PX printer LCD screen

Hitachi power supply PX/ PXR/ PB

Hitachi PB Series Continuous Inkjet Printers spare parts

Follwoing is the printing sample by Hitachi OEM nozzle :