EC-JET 200 High Resolution Printer Series
EC-JET 200 High Resolution Printer Series
EC-JET 200 High Resolution Printer Series



the latest handset models listed, with a revolutionary technological breakthrough, WIFI remote transmission of information content, remote control, without connection to a computer to use, simple and reliable, compact and portable, cost-effective

Model: ECH200Printing lines: in the nozzle effective printing range, any editor

Print height: 0-12.7mmFont Selection: Windows fonts, pictures (LOGO), bar codes, two-dimensional code

Printing speed: 150 m / min (300DPI)

Changing print: date, time, serial, database, remote data, remote barcode

Information length: 2880mm, special circumstances may increase

Store information Amount: unlimited (2GB storage space)

Computer Connection: standard Ethernet, standard Wi-Fi

External Interface: Standard USB Host

Power: 110V-240VAC, 50 / 60Hz

Machine weight: 2.5kg

Power consumption: less than 30W

Environment: Temperature 0 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃

Maintenance: Automatic cleaning maintenance

Printing materials: wood, cardboard, building materials, such as different materials, fast drying and have a very good display.