Code-ECD307 inkjet printer(three 7 nozzle)
Code-ECD307 inkjet printer(three 7 nozzle)



EC-JET DOD large character inkjet printer is easy to code for a variety of industrial applications designed for high-speed, cost-effective large character inkjet printer. Advanced design

◆ machine played tight design, compact device, the machine can achieve 4-line printing.

◆ Proprietary continuous ink design, no external gas source, without downtime ink, maximize productivity.

◆ remote control function, you can easily operate the equipment in the officeAdvanced performance

◆ standard USB interface, can quickly restore / backup data pattern storage.

◆ dual trigger design, perform multi-tasking print.

Technical parameters

ECD307   Detailed parameters                                                 
Memory Capacity                                                                      
Memory storage up 200 piecesUp to 1600 characters per storage※
12dot,16dot matrix of charactersUp to 2400 characters
Support7,9,12,and 16 dot English characters and digits                    

Upgrade special characters according to customer' s request


32X2048 graphic dot matrix and communicate with PC to change printing text are available

Standard Interface 
Photocell / synchronized interfaceUSB
Interface to external alarm RS-232
Physical features                                                                      
Industrial-grade stainless steel  
Continuous ink supplying, free of external air source  
Operating temperature 5-45°C
Power supplyAC100-240V 50/60Hz
Printing lines4 lines※
Print head quantityUp to 2 print head (16 dot)
Printing height8mm-64mm (16dots print head)
Printing distance5mm
Printing speed100m/min
Printing directionhorizontal and vertical               
Printing functions                                                                      
Time (accurate to the seconds) 
Date (any combination format)  
External communication and remote control function  
Capable of printing on two different production lines simultaneously  
Up to 32 bit serial number 
Asian pinyin characters input capable  
Inteligent picture conversion capable 

※based on 7 dot English character