Domino 1L Cleanning bottle
Domino 1L Cleanning bottle
Domino 1L Cleanning bottle

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Domino 1L Cleanning bottle

Domino A320i A420i bottle

Domino A series i-tech ink empty containers 825ML

Domino 1.2L make up bottle for i-tech consumables

Domino make up container 1.2L for A series i-tech consumable

Domino ink container 825ML for A series i-tech

quality: replacement,high quality,never leak

using for :Domino A100 A200 A320i A420i printer

Material: PP

capacity: 1000ML,1L

The CleanFill ink and makeup cartridges deliver replenishment fluids into the printer in a clean and secure manor. Using their quality codes they ensure that operators don't make mistakes like using out of date or incorrect fluids.Disposal of empty containers is simplified by not having any electrical components or connections on the cartridges or i-Tech module.

packing detail for  Domino 1L Cleanning bottle , 90pcs per carton,