Videojet 1210 print module
Videojet 1210 print module
Videojet 1210 print module



Description: Videojet 1210 print module

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Quality: 1:new original
            2:used,in good working condition

The new Videojet 1210 small character inkjet printer is ideal for printing model information for five days a week , six to eight hours of daily print jobs. The inkjet printer with minimal maintenance , even shut down for several days without rebooting also adjustable . Equipped with a smart chip smart cartridge replacement easier. Videojet 1210 is listed second 1000 series models.
Kevin small character inkjet printer product manager , said: " This type of inkjet printer that meets all the requirements of customers in basic Coding jobs , for example , the food, chemical, personal care products and cosmetics such products in spray printed information . Videojet 1210 is designed primarily for basic printing volume work, but also to meet the needs of frequent adjustments in the production line moving operations, flexible operating environment . "
The main features Videojet 1210 is equipped with intelligent ink cartridges , ink cartridges with a smart chip that can determine the accuracy of the installed ink to prevent mistakes. The unique design can be fully depleted ink without leaving a residue , so as to achieve further cost savings ideas. Its design allows the operator to cut off the needle without having to manually inject ink to prevent spillage and waste.
The key ink system integration movement will be integrated as a module inkjet printer , for low frequency operation , the only every 6000 hours or 18 months to conduct a preventive maintenance intervals . Countdown table can be displayed on the operator interface to replace the movement of time . Easy movement replacement operation ; their own design enables customers to complete the replacement within 30 minutes , does not require technical personnel to the scene to replace himself .
Stenciling in extremely diverse working environment, and therefore Videojet 1000 inkjet printer has developed a series of dynamic calibration. Extremely hot or cold environmental conditions will affect the viscosity of the ink, thus affecting the clarity of the font , the impact of Coding quality. Videojet 1210 nozzle can be adjusted automatically according to environmental changes , regardless of how the current conditions , can maintain Coding quality consistency. This means that the operator does not need to spend more time manual adjustments .
Videojet 1210 inkjet printer is connected via the USB interface operation is very simple, to allow hot-swappable and information backup . Troubleshooting can be easily achieved through shortcuts operator interface ; through pop-up window to help operators evaluate and solve the problem.
Excellent quality inkjet
1000 series can generate the industry's most clear identity . It accurately locate every drop of ink , so identification is always legible. Even when the environmental conditions change , the dynamic calibration can be automatically adjusted to ensure the stability of the printing quality.
Advanced performance
Coding the number of lines up to 3 lines , single speeds up to 162 m / min ( 533 ft / min )
Standard USB interface , graphics , and storage information backup
Easy to maintain
6000 working hours maintenance-free
No pollution, no waste, no error
Excellent protection performance
Standard IP55 protection class