CPU FOR Imaje S8 (Single -jet)G
CPU FOR Imaje S8 (Single -jet)G
CPU FOR Imaje S8 (Single -jet)G
CPU Imaje s8



Description: CPU Board

Location:Imaje inkjet printer

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Following is the spare part list for Imaje inkjet price :

10054382SparesSmartDate X40  32mm LH cass only
10054383SparesSmartDate X40  32mm RH cass only
10054388SparesSmartDate X40  53mm LH cass only
10054389SparesSmartDate X40 53mm RH cass only
ENM10056613SparesPrinthead kit ( intermittent) - 53mm wide (integrated flex)+ peel roller+anvil
ENM10056614SparesPrinthead kit ( intermittent) - 32mm wider (integrated flex)+ peel roller+anvil
ENM10055976SparesPrinthead kit (continuous) - 53mm wide (integrated flex)+ peel roller
ENM10055977SparesPrinthead kit (continuous) - 32mm wider (integrated flex)+ peel roller
35688BASparesAnvil rubber Pad 98mm x 98mm
5824648SparesCleaning wipes (Pack x100)
ENM10054401Spares53mm to 32mm Configuration Kit
ENM10054400Spares32mm to 53mm Configuration Kit
ENM10056009SparesX40 recommended spare parts kits
ENM10053305Spares32mm Supply / Takeup reel assembly
ENM10053306Spares53mm Supply / Takeup reel assembly
ENM10029510SparesLocating Roller Assembly
ENM10054399SparesTension Roller And Slide Kit
ENM10053110SparesMovement Roller Assembly
ENM10053157SparesCassette Locating Pin
ENM10056488SparesController Board Assembly
ENM10056148SparesController Bezel Assembly - Mono
ENM10053877SparesController Bezel Assembly - CUI
10028921SparesCUI Front Panel Board Assembly
ENM10051587SparesPrinter Board Assembly
ENM10053208SparesRibbon Motor Assembly
ENM10053307SparesPneumatic Prime Solenoid Assembly
10041551SparesPneumatic Print Solenoid Assembly
ENM10054512SparesMovement Sensor Assembly
5825294SparesIdler Pulley Assembly
10041170SparesPrintHead Module Assembly
ENM10053241SparesInterconnect Board Assembly
ENM10053190SparesMounting Bracket Assembly
5210986SparesGuide Rail & Carraige Assembly
ENM10052445SparesLimit Switch & Cable Assembly
10053330SparesCarriage Motor Assembly
5630381SparesDrive Belt
5825546SparesPeel Roller Assembly
ENM10054395SparesPrinter, Cass & Controller Hardware Kit - All Configs
ENM10054396SparesPneumatic Kit (not including PHM Components)
ENM10054398SparesPrinter Covers Kit
10054391SparesSmartDate X40 Int 53mm RH printer only
10054390SparesSmartDate X40 Int 53mm LH printer only
10054385SparesSmartDate X40 Int 32mm RH Printer only
10054384SparesSmartDate X40 Int 32mm LH Printer only
10054387SparesSmartDate X40 Cont 53mm RH printer only
10054386SparesSmartDate X40 Cont 53mm LH printer only
10054381SparesSmartDate X40 Cont 32mm RH printer only
10054380SparesSmartDate X40 Cont 32mm LH printer only
10051892SparesX40 Monochrome Controller
10053876SparesX40 Colour User Interface Controller
ENM10055978SparesLatch Tube Assembly Kit
ENM10051761SparesController PSU
ENM10055578SparesPower Entry Spares Kit
5953184SparesMono Controller Top Cover
10028607SparesCUI Controller Top Cover
ENM10053201SparesPrinter Latch Shaft Assy
ENM10053461SparesRibbon Controller Assembly
ENM10053330SparesCarriage Motor Assembly
ENM10053328SparesIntermittent PHM Mounting Assembly
ENM10053332SparesContinuous PHM Mounting Assembly
EN5686420Spares1m Ctrl to Printer Cable Low-OPT
EN5686412Spares3m Ctrl to Printer Cable Low-OPT
EN5686423Spares10m Ctrl to Printer Cable Low-OPT
5824628SparesI/O Cable UL Assembly
5686230SparesIEC320 Mains Lead, European 5.0m no plug
5686229SparesIEC320 Mains Lead, N. American 5.0m with plug
10023225SoftwareCoLOS CREATE PRO
10023226SoftwareCoLOS ENTERPRISE
CA3010SoftwareDownload Random Number for Windows Version with one SCP
CA3011SoftwareDownload Message for Windows Version with one LCP
CA3012SoftwareDownload Message for Windows version with one P&A
CA3013SoftwareDownload Message for Windows version with one TTOL
CA3014SoftwareDownload Message for Windows version with one laser