Linx inkjet keyboards 6800
Linx inkjet keyboards 6800
Linx inkjet keyboards 6800
Linx inkjet keyboards 6800
Linx inkjet keyboards 6800
Linx inkjet keyboards 6800



linx continuous inkjet keyboards 6800
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The Linx 6800 Spectrum makes a real technological step forward in high contrast printing. It offers the benefits of a highly advanced pigmented ink printing solution combined with the ease of use, high performance and robust engineering offered by the Linx 6800.

The Linx 6800 Spectrum has been designed to deliver a specially-formulated range of Linx pigmented inks, offering an advanced printer coupled with high performance, pigmented inks. The Linx 6800 Spectrum is capable of printing barcodes, logos and symbols, and up to four lines of text, as well as providing coding and printing functions to meet marking requirements across a whole range of applications. Key advantages of the Linx 6800 Spectrum:

•Intelligent start-up – unlike many other pigmented ink printers, the Linx 6800 Spectrum starts up after lengthy shutdowns
without the need for cleaning, draining or  for a service visit

• Reliability – with its innovative ink circulation system and ink tank design the Linx 6800 Spectrum offers supreme reliability and print consistency.The printer does not use mechanical stirrers or factory air, so eliminates problems associated with these• Reduced cost of ownership – Linx has included a robust, long-life pump, which delivers consistent performance over a long period of time, reducing maintenance and downtime costs significantly These benefits are in addition to the many others which come as standard on the Linx 6800:

• Ease of use – thanks to the Windows-style user interface
• Robust design – the IP65-rated stainless steel enclosure provides effective operation in virtually any production environment
• High performance – as a result of specially-designed printheads, auto power down function and automatic control of
critical printer functions
• Flexible printing capability – including character rotation (“tower” printing),sequential text and numbering, barcodes
and graphics

Printhead ULTIMA plus MIDI plus
Lines of print supported 1, 2 or 3 1, 2, 3 or 4
Character height range 2.1 to 9.5 mm 2.1 to 13.8 mm
Maximum speed: single line print, wide pitch,
High Performance print option 7.28 m/s 2.10 m/s
Maximum number of characters per second 2133 821
Proportional and high speed fonts • •
Standard speed (SS) print option • •
High performance (HP) print option
General features
• Single button startup and shutdown • Auto power-off
• ‘Hot-key’ and menu-driven message creation and editing • Full diagnostic package
• Message wizard  • Multiple operator languages (user selectable)
• Integral QWERTY keyboard (full size) • Printer status indicators (4 LEDs)

1/4 VGA back-lit colour display • Password-protected functions
• Auto printhead flush • Dynamic message and logo storage capacity
• Programmable pre-set ink mix times • Auto ink mixing on startup

Programming and printing facilities
• Fixed and variable text • Real-time clock functions
• Upper and lower case characters • Automatic date forward function
• Graphics/logos • Batch coding and counting
• Logo editor • Sequential message fields
• Bar codes EAN 8, EAN 13, 2 of 5, ITF, Code 39, • Sequential numbering
Code 128, UPC-A • Dynamic reverse and invert printing
Data Matrix • Rotated character (‘tower’) printing
• Bold factor up to 10 times • Message creation/editing whilst printing
• Height, width and delay functions •Timed-message function
• Formats for shift coding, days, months • Flexible print trigger options
• Flexible date options • User defined time/date formats
• Inverse image barcodes and text e.g. white on black
PC-based message and logo creation software
• Remote communications interface

ULTIMA plus (optimised for 1 to 3 lines of text/graphics) •
MIDI plus (optimised for up to 4 lines of text/graphics)
90° printhead configuration
2m conduit •
4m conduit
Positive air purge to printhead
Cutaway printhead cover tube
Magnetic shielded printhead cover
Ink range

High opacity pigmented inks •

Connections/interfacing for
RS232 •
Shaft encoder •
Primary and secondary product detectors •
External single stage alarm output  •
Multiple printer triggering from one master product detector
and/or shaft encoder input† •
Multiple printer triggering from primary product detector,
secondary product detector and shaft encoder inputs†
Volt-free contact alarm connection
(e.g. for use with external single-stage mains-driven alarm)
Physical characteristics
Base and enclosure Stainless steel
IP65 environmental protection rating •
(EN 60529:1991/IEC60529:1989)
Mounting options Bench or console
Operating temperature range 5° – 45°C
Humidity range (r.h., non-condensing) 90% max
Power supply 115-230V, 50/60Hz
Power rating 200W
Weight  24kg

Regulatory approvals
CE mark •
† requires cabling to link printers      • standard