Linx inkjet keyboards 7300
Linx inkjet keyboards 7300
Linx inkjet keyboards 7300
Linx inkjet keyboards 7300
Linx inkjet keyboards 7300
Linx inkjet keyboards 7300



linx 7300 inkjet printer keyboards,Linx cij keypads,Linx 7300 Membrane

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Description:linx 6900 keyboards keypads membrane



Linx 7300 Inkjet Printer Performance:

Supported printing lines 1-5
Character height range 1.1-13.8mm
Maximum speed: single line printing, wide spacing, high-performance printing options 6.25-8.41m / s
Maximum number of characters per second, 2667

Printing functions:
Fixed and variable text
Uppercase and lowercase characters
Graphics and logo printing
Mark on the screen to create and edit
QuickSwitchTV information selection and editing, using a barcode scanner
Barcode EAN8, EAN13, 2 of 5, ITF, Code39, Code128, UPC-A
Two-dimensional code data array
Bold factor (up to 10-fold)
Simple adjustment of positioning code size and height, width and delay function
Standard and user-definable shift encoding format
7300FG: Egg encoder structure matching herd life cycle, and in the herd environment to provide reliable operation
7300 Spectrum: inverse image of barcodes and text, for example, white on black
Remote communication interface

Real-time clock function
Automatically select the date function
Batch coding and counting
Consecutive numbering and information
Lateral line dynamic flip and reverse printing
Rotate character ('tower') print
Information on printing while creating or editing a surprise
Timing information functions
Flexible printing trigger option
LogoJet PC-based message and logo creation software
7300 Swift: Narrow font is used for printing in a small region coding
7300 Spectrum: programmable preset ink mixing time

Product Features:
Lowest running costs
Dynamic adjustment period of up to 6000 hours
Minimum amount of routine maintenance: no need to replace expensive ink modules or change the ink tank
Minimum solvent consumption
Minimize production downtime
Each clean and dry off automatically when the print head and the catheter to minimize manual cleaning
Reduce cleaning time
Characteristics meet future needs
Two-dimensional and three lines of code printing as standard, 4 or 5 rows printing is optional
Provide a variety of information formats, including logo and barcode

Revolutionary nozzle design
- Nozzle fully sealed design, no bare wires or pipes, greatly improved reliability than the average inkjet printer, a unique flat crystal design life of more than ordinary inkjet printer (inkjet printer are generally rod-shaped crystal, easily aging or due to vibration failures).