2017 Guangzhou rum

2017 Guangzhou rum

2017 Guangzhou rum

Show time: December 15-17, 2017

Exhibition Address: Guangzhou International Procurement Center (Pazhou)

Organizers: Renchuang South China Rumity Organizing Committee, Ren Chong sugar wine food dealer club

Sponsor: Guangzhou Tengchuang Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., Changsha Renchuang Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., Wuhan Renchuang Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., Nanchang Renchuang Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Exhibition Scale: The exhibition area of ​​15,000 square meters, the estimated number of visitors is 21,000

Guangdong is the largest and fastest growing province in terms of total economic output in China. The base of more than 100 million permanent residents has also spawned the country's largest consumer market. In 2015, the total retail sales of social consumer goods in Guangdong Province reached 3,133.334 billion yuan, ranking the first in the country.

As a political, economic and cultural center in South China, the Guangdong market is highly open, inclusive and highly spending power has been leading the trend of consumption in various industries, especially in the alcoholic food market. Wine ring in China has such a familiar words: "China Wine City to see Guangdong," Guangdong Wine City in the country's most important embodiment of reflected most over the years, Guangdong Wine City for its open and inclusive, flourishing attitude is known throughout the country, is also a major Wine companies contend for the country and even the world's alcoholic products, in the course of development have created a lot of miracles in the Guangdong market. At present, Guangdong is still in a period of rapid economic development and increasing consumption power. At the same time, its influence on the radiation power in South China and Central China is also continuously increasing. For some time to come, Guangdong's wine market is still growing rapidly with unlimited potential , Is still an indispensable paradise for the global wine market.