BM Wine Expo2014

BM Wine Expo2014


"2014 The 9th Shanghai International Wine And Spirits Expo" on Nov. 4-6

BM Wine Expo 2014 the ninth session of Shanghai international Wine and spirits exhibition

BM Wine Expo organization

Invite units: Chinese liquor in the international organization for grape and wine (OIV)

Shanghai brewing professional association of the Chinese association of wine

Spanish wine institute French bordeaux wine industry association

Italian wine association of German wine institute

The American association of wine imported wine association of Hong Kong

Armenia development agency


To undertake units: Shanghai trade exhibition co., LTD

Shanghai BaiMao Exhibition Co., Ltd.


"BM Wine Expo 2014 the ninth session of Shanghai international Wine and spirits exhibition" is one of the biggest Wine exhibition activities in China.

In 2013 8th Shanghai international wine and spirits exhibition exhibition pavilion has shown that most countries will continue to come to Shanghai exhibition in 2014. Which is expected to 2014 the ninth session of Shanghai international wine and spirits exhibition will once again usher in France, Spain, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Australia, Chile, Greece, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Romania, Hungary, Portugal, the United States and mainland China exhibitors. China's wine market remain around 30% to 50% growth each year. Nowadays, the focus of the world in China. As the current one of the most strong market wine consumption growth and Asian wine market leading consumer, China has a very bright "future". For foreign wine producers and distributors to say: "not in China, is on the way to China."

☻ : wine made from grapes of all kinds of wine red wine, white wine, champagne, sparkling wine, sherry, wine, fruit wine, liqueur, ice wine, grapes...

☻ spirits: western traditionally strong wine, whisky, brandy, vodka, rum, tequila, white wine...

☻ other alcohol: other alcoholic beverages, wine, fruit wine, beer, rice wine, health wine, health wine, low alcohol drinks...

☻ drinking vessels, bottle opener, wine glasses, wine, wine spit, red wine fresh...

☻ wine packaging, wine packaging new craft, new technology, new material, new products, packaging materials, color box packaging, paper/plastic/metal/wood/leather/color printing products, etc

☻ liquor storage: wine, wine, wine cellar...

☻ liquor brewing equipment: large middle and small brewery equipment, beer, beverage filling, capping equipment, sterilization equipment, beer, beverage processing equipment, labeling equipment, liquid detection and date printing equipment, conveyor system, loading and unloading and stacking equipment

☻ liquor culture: trademarks, publications, advertising design and cultural exchange...

Brand wine exhibition galleries (core)

According to the country of origin partitions, show the various parts of the world such as Europe, America, Asia Pacific wine, liquor and other liquor products.

Alcohol complementary goods area (business docking)

Display all kinds of drinking utensils, wine packaging, wine storage vessels and other products

The local wine industry area (local promotion)

Display of wuhan and the whole of China all kinds of wine products and brands

The onsite procurement area simulation (market)

Liquor products retail zone exhibition site set each exhibition, for exhibition of choose and buy, through sales market simulation, test the product market reaction, to obtain market feedback data for sales dealer

Wine culture exhibition (cultural exchange)

Promotion of wine and liquor culture

Recommend or provide the exhibitors with single field (please book in advance, and inform demand, we will be responsible for looking for you need for your professional audience).

Will be open to a, 50000, you will get the most direct market information.

Wine importers, traders, agents, wholesalers, group buying agency, online sellers, etc

Catering and related people in the travel industry

Entertainment and bar industry stakeholders

Wine collectors and enthusiasts, investors, wine club members

Booth area luxury booth (9 m2) standard booths (9 m2) with indoor light (36 m2 of the)

Foreign capital usd 4800 / roll over usd 3600 / roll over usd 390 / m2

Foreign-funded enterprises, 19800 yuan/roll over RMB 15800 / roll over RMB 1500 yuan/a

Domestic exhibitors 16800 yuan/roll over RMB 13800 / roll over RMB 13800 yuan/a

Standard booth specification and configuration: exhibition wall (two side and the back), including the manufacturer in the name of the (outside) Wen Mei card, 1 reception table, 2 folding chairs, carpet shop, booth lighting lamp) (1, 1 power socket (220 v / 1), a wastebasket and site cleaning services.

Free value-added services: the organizing committee will provide you with an ice bucket, ice 2 kg/day, 1 vomit a wine glass, 20, 10 tickets, tasting the standard booth 1 group.

Light only refers to the exhibition space, does not contain any electric power facilities, services, booth walls and furniture. Exhibitors must be responsible for booths set up on its own. Site management fees on their own.

Free value-added services: the organizing committee will provide you with 2 ice bucket, 5 kg/day, 2 ice wine spit, 30, 20 tickets, wine glass standard booth 1 group.

Provided by the merchant went unsold products, the organizing committee for auction service charge RMB 2000 / a

Special seminar fee: 20000 RMB/field

We will provide you with professional hall can accommodate 160 people, equipped with projection system, voice control system), each meeting for 1 hour. If you need other service and quotation, please contact the organizing committee of the negotiations.

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