The 21st China International Packaging Industry Exhibition

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Time: 2014-01-12
"The 21st China International Packaging Industry Exhibition (referred to as: China International Packaging Exhibition Sino-Pack 2014)" will be grand in China Import and Export Fair Complex (A zone) 2014,3 to 5 March held a total area will exceed 40,000 square meters, more than 500 exhibitors are expected. The exhibition will packaging equipment and products, liquid packaging and logistics, end packaging applications combine the three aspects of packaging, implementation and integration of the entire package and the upstream industry chain terminals, truly cover the whole packaging industry chain. Build a successful collection of "packaging equipment, packaging materials and products" for the packaging industry exhibition Comprehensive one for the country and overseas, food, beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, electronics and other industries to provide a comprehensive package terminal oriented services.

Organized the "China's largest packaging products trading platform - China International Packaging Products Pavilion" period.
Focus food health products packaging
High-end solutions to make diversified international packaging products in China museum professionals
Posted: December 24, 2013

Chinese medicine and health products as food superpower , has spread thousands of TCM culture, the development of domestic pharmaceutical health food has a unique advantage . Data show that in 2015 China Nutrition and health food output will reach 1 trillion yuan , an average annual growth of 20 %. Medicine and health products packaging market, the rapid development of its increasingly high requirements for pharmaceutical packaging food security building , the state has also developed appropriate laws to regulate, medicine and health food packaging is an important part , and only to provide security for the broad consumer quality packaging products in order to improve the market competitiveness , and thus to get the appropriate development.
2014 " China ( Guangzhou ) International Packaging Products Pavilion (PACK INNO 2014) " will be held again in Guangzhou Chinese Export Commodities Fair Pazhou • Hall A, 3-5 March 2014 . This year will exceed 10,000 square meters of exhibition area , brought together nearly 200 domestic and overseas exhibitors , focused food, medicine, health care products packaging , providing a full range of packaging solutions and diversified packaging materials show , the first designed to create China Packaging Products Show, making it the influence China , Asia-Pacific international exposition of radiation .
Top famous enterprises gathered shows excellent packaging solutions
Exhibition showcasing cutting-edge design and innovative materials packaging products and materials , exhibition covering four major exhibits : packaging products and materials ( paper, plastic , metal, glass , fabric , etc. ) ; functional packaging ; luxury packaging and innovative packaging ; products and design services. Attracted a total of 200 exhibitors from home and abroad well-known packaging products , including : Hong Kong Star , Bi Mary , the same margin , Ming Fung , Shi Cheng , Zhang Shan , silver letter to Proton , Dickson , date of introduction, UOL , revitalization , Cai Yi Pan , together, clean Nordisk , Mitutoyo , Changyuan , Kezhe , collar Xiang, Ou , Yu Lee , Yip Kai Hang , Shanghai Pudong , Jin , Kamei , Jardine Fleming , the day colorful , spring Port , R & F , auspicious , Warburg, Hongbo , Bai Jian , Tang Wei , significantly Gang , Sony, Guihai , Fuliya , Chang Xing , Guangdong Hui, the U.S. record , Sheng Dean , Ying Cai , Hiwa , deep large, Guangdong Xing, Manley , Taikang , Ronggui , SGS, Xin , ring into , grid Carolina, eternal , Friends of Peng, and Yong , often believed , Suntec , show up wins , three letters , Hongye , the United States advanced enterprises.
Focus medicine and food health products packaging
Hong Kong Star , Ming Fung , Yue Hui, Bi Ma , the margin of the same health care products packaging industry leaders will gather in " China ( Guangzhou ) International Packaging Products Pavilion" will be to showcase the latest health care products and product packaging design , build China 's most professional health care products packaging trading platform.
Starlite Holdings Limited ( Booth: 6501 )
Starlite Holdings Limited is a diversified international enterprise , with Fortune 500 companies to form a strong business partnership with " Lifestyle ", " green culture " as the basis for the development of new product lines , providing customers with product design, graphic design, packaging design, and structural design and a series of high-quality ODM services to support our customers with innovative ideas to develop new products. Walk with many Fortune 500 food industry to form a solid business partnerships, such as : Johnson & Johnson , Wyeth and Nestle , and other famous brands.
Printing Co., Ltd. , Dongguan City, Ming Fung ( Booth: 6517 )
Ming Fung Packaging - China Packaging Industry hundred enterprises, many well-known domestic and foreign enterprises and joint cooperation : Chinese coins, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China , Beijing Tong Ren Tang , Beijing Caibai jewelry, U.S. coins , Omega, Longines, Tissot , Glashutte , Dior , IWC , Cartier , Estee Lauder, Chanel , Louis Vuitton , Gucci , L'Oreal , Swarovski ...... service industries across watches, jewelry , coins , cosmetics , tobacco, herbs, gifts , etc., to provide high-grade wooden box , hand bag and cartridge printed folding boxes, the common achievements of the renowned Chinese and foreign , " Ming Fung packaging" brand !
Shantou City, Guangdong Hui Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. ( Booth: 6835 )
The company is currently one of the eastern region of the few professional drug packaging materials production enterprises, mainly the production of oral solid and liquid pharmaceutical plastic bottles , as well as a variety of combinations of vials with plastic cap and aluminum cap . Widely used in solid and liquid medicines, health products, cosmetics and other ancillary nearly 200 kinds of specifications . Early 1980s, the company developed the first domestic production of supporting the special aluminum powder combination needle cover varieties, for the country to fill the gaps kits of materials, was "Chinese medicine " for the promotion of special reports , pharmaceutical industry caused strong repercussions . This product is used in major domestic and international pharmaceutical plant for many years now, greatly respected users trust , and " new product" award.
When Bi Ma Dongguan Wonderful packaging Limited ( Booth: 6709 )
Dongguan wonderful franchise all kinds of plastic flexible packaging , such as : meat packing , high-temperature cooking bags , etc. , to provide technical advice and technical support, but also provide a wide range of plastic packaging for the pharmaceutical enterprise security .
Shenzhen Yu with Printing Co., Ltd.
The company is a world-class printing and packaging company, is a global high-end printing and packaging products solutions provider , Group fully launched the " customer solutions " , IT services in the electronics industry , tobacco industry, pharmaceutical industry , won the 500 enterprises in Guangdong Province , Guangdong Province manufacturing hundred enterprises title for the domestic first-line pharmaceutical industry to provide high -quality packaging solutions.
Creativity to make the high-end packaging products area
High-end packaging products Area : China Packaging Technology and culture museum and dynamic stage design supermarket.
China Packaging Technology and Culture Experience Hall , site of the area will have more than more than 100 high-end packaging products for domestic manufacturing enterprises focus on appearance , embodied in wine packaging , food packaging, tea packaging , cosmetic packaging and other end -themed packaging products display , materials, including paper products , plastic products , glass, metal , leather , etc., will be all kinds of new packaging technology combined with traditional , new technology , new technology, modern packaging inject new vitality , but also reflects the cultural heritage and packaging innovation.
Dynamic stage perfect interpretation of new technology, new product releases , the latest industry developments .
Design effort to build a supermarket is designed to meet the needs of the packaging industry service platform , is a powerful integration of industry resources initiatives . Initi research centers from , design and development agency of nearly 50 designers design site constitutes performed the supermarket scene.
Focus on the full range of promotional offer major industry buyers please
The exhibition will be widely promoted through outdoor advertising , newspapers , magazines, well-known sites , microblogging and other means of propaganda . Meanwhile , relying on two decades of accumulated organizers terminal powerful database viewer through a wide SMS, email , fax, and other forms advertised . The organizers will focus on high-end professional buyers invited from the food / beverage , cosmetics , health products , electronic products , watches / jewelry , gifts and other industries to participate in the event. Professionals can pre- register , enjoy free admission and receive gifts , the use of VIP lounges and other services.
" China International Packaging Products Pavilion (PACK INNO 2014) " held in conjunction with the "21st China International Packaging Exhibition" (Sino-Pack 2014), " Twenty-first South China International Exhibition on Printing " (The 21st Printing South China) , "2014 China International label Show" (Sino-Label 2014), eight exhibition halls to create printing, labeling and packaging of the whole industry chain .


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