Industrial Inkjet Printer Maintenance

publisher: Emily
Time: 2013-08-23
How to do Industrial Inkjet Printer Maintenance
First: Make sure the inkjet print head clean, clean the filter regularly, inkjet printer enclosure must be grounded, voltage stability, if you need to install power supply.
Second:  keep the ink tank clean, regular replacement ink tank (2000 hours add a desiccant. Generally replaced every 600 hours, in order to protect the ink polluting by the air moisture and affect print quality. Regular cleaning solvent tank, usually 600 hours cleaning once, in order to avoid contamination of impurities inside the ink tank and pressure pump wear. keeping ink tank manifold cover clean, do not plot the ink to dry to avoid ink into the ink tank, to prevent ink contamination.
Third: when machine is running about2000 hours, need to  replace  the main filter and damper, for every 4000 hours on the other three small filter replacement.
Fourth:when the machine is running 2000 hours,need to cleanning machine, shorting the main filter and dampers. Manually operated washing machines inside. After a thorough cleaning, replace the filter.
Fifth: do daily machine operating parameters recorded ,pressure pump speed: ink viscosity, ink road pressure modulation voltage, the ink line position, the print head is clean, the ink tank is clean.

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