Domino inkjet printer repair method

From: domino Repair Manual.
Time: 2013-08-23
Domino inkjet printer repair method
First: recovery pipe failure
Its Cause generally have three kinds of circumstances, when emitted from the nozzle ink line, did not enter the recovery pipe, hitting the recovery pipe outside, usually in 2-3 seconds after power recovery pipe failure will be reported at this time should be adjusted ink line into the recovery tube, listening to recover the sound can be, there are fired into the recovery tube found ink line, but also reported recovery pipe failure, if found to have bubbles, may recycle tube blockage, recovery tube needs to be cleaned, if found no bubbles, as well as recycling pipe failure, need to consider the recovery tube failure detection circuit may detect insensitive, bad grounding, circuit breaker occurred, and other specific advice domino.
Second: the ink charging slot
It causes the general reasons are charging slot does have ink, the reason is ink lines emitted from the nozzle into the charging slot portion shall centered, if not centered Adjust ink line location or charging slot position, if the ink line normal to cleaning charging slot position, and dry, and its premise is closed cleaning inkjet printer, then reboot, if found charging slot no ink, as well as the failure may be charging slot dirty to be cleaned, or ground is not good, or replace the ink tank.
Third: forced to use the last modulation voltage
Its cause may be due to open high voltage does not split when the ink line can be determined through a magnifying glass, if this happen crystal rods need to be replaced, if the slight vibration crystal rod needs to be adjusted, if the point of contact with a lot of ink, you need to adjust the pressure of the ink path .
Fourth: Charging fault detection
The reason is that ink line splitting is not good, need to adjust the pressure and the modulation voltage Ink, for 60 micron nozzle pressure is generally set Ink is 2600-3400, between its factory pressure setting is 3000, and the modulation voltage setting is 600-2000 , and the average setting is 1300, can be judged by splitting some time, usually about 3000, with the proviso that the ink line by magnifying the following division point is whether there are 3-4 dots are separated, the above ink dots gradually together can be.
Fifth. High failure
The reason is that high voltage deflection plates with ink, need to be cleaned, the reason may ink line location is not good, the occurrence of the offset, you need to adjust the ink lines and cleaning nozzles, if the board does not deflect ink also reported high failure deflection plates need to be removed to clean If the reported failure extraordinary pressure can be detected by the Blue Line pull tone unplugged.
Sixth: Coding display print properly, but no print content
Electric eye problems may occur, detection insensitive, in need of replacement, tune in too much delay may be printed, you need to properly adjust the print delay, or no pressure, need to check the ignition coil, the deflection plates.
Seventh: The lower half of the missing characters print content
If you are close to the lower half of the missing word recovery tube, it may enter the recovery pipe ink line position is wrong, if it is too centered, may result in less than the outside line offset ink, ink lines need to be left to the recovery tube tone, there may be pressure on Ink too, need to be reduced ink line pressure down. Or word too high-profile, high-profile large need to word.
Eighth: print upper part of the contents of missing characters
If the upper half of the missing characters are far from recovery tube, because the ink may cause road pressure is too small, the need to Ink pressures.
Ninth: Viscosity failure
If the current value is greater than the set value BFT Description partial melting viscosity of ink, you need to add a solvent, if not automatically added, possibly solvent solenoid valve failure will affect printing. BFT current value is less than the set value Description dilute the ink, it is recommended that customers do not frequent switching machines, resulting in cleaning circuit cause the ink to light, impact printing.
Tenth: viscometer failure
Viscosity agent failure will occur can not be displayed BFT current value, there will be more soluble ink, and the ink is used so fast, the reason may be viscometer failure, need to be replaced, and the ink may viscometer interface board is bad and bad cable , need to re-insert, may viscometer solenoid valve failed and requires replacement.
XI: Ventilation failure
First, determine whether the fan rotation, in determining whether the compressor failure, consider other switching power supply, or motherboard problem.
Twelfth: watchdog fault
If there is a watchdog fault, short circuit may occur locally line, you need to rule out one by one, and finally consider switching power supply and motherboard.
XIII: The pump speed is too high
If the pump speed is too high may pump gear badly worn, or filter clogged, or pressure sensor is damaged.
Fourteenth: Vacuum pressure anomaly
Venturi tube may be damaged, the pressure sensor is damaged, or recycled parts leak occurs, you need to check one by one part of the pipeline.
XV: Ink abnormal pressure
Venturi tube may be clogged or partially clogged ink road pipe section, if you need to consult meters.
XVI: other cases see domino Repair Manual.

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